Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New working place, meet new ppl

It's the 4th day of my new life at new place^^ So far the life there is good cause still honey moon period and my work id is nt ready yet..Hmm, guess tml my hell life will start tml because before I left the company my AM called me to call the IT department to get my password (-_-") Ppl at my work place are quite kind to me most ppl I knw are around my age and same as me " contract staff".. Think I need to be more social wif them if nt my life there will be ver bored and loney( they go lunch and home tgt).. Side-track abit: I tot my life will change after April and after august but it seems like nth had change.. I'm still stuck wif a uneasy feeling T-T

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