Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lol.. Funny ppl!! But cute la:)

Ytd after work meet YL at town for dinner.. My working frien drive bike bring me there since he need to go sch after work at is also at town... LOL, his bike Tyler kanna nailer after we reach the place!! LOL!!! Suay for him lucky for me cause rain not heavily.. After dinner at atson, we went taka n ion for PRIs present.. Bought something at sephora for her and meet a ver cute promoter/ staff. His so cute tat he walk to me when I'm alone quenching up at the cashier.. Say hi den shy shy, pass me a slip of paper wif the product name, and add a hello words with a smile and run away.. LOL.. After giving me the paper other watch ESP the ppl behind cause they also bought the same thing as me yet he Nv give them the paper... While I ver blur when he pass the paper to me.. Den after see thru the paper wanna say hi to him but can't find him.. Lol, his damn cute lo.. When I pass the paper to cashier the cashier blur also..LOL..

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