Friday, July 1, 2011

Life so far...

It's been 5 months?? I've nt being to this blog n start blogging... Lol.. Busy with my 2 jobs n going to start going driving lesson n school soon... Wahaha..

Today a friens of my text me suddenly, asking me question so she can clear her mind on who she should believe n stuff.. While of course by answering those question it allow me to recall stupid things I've done again..( I'm really can't believe tat I'm such a idiot n stupid ) n u are right we really nv start anything before I'm the wrong tat think we are tgt.. Haha.. I dunno weather u will see my blog anymore but I jus wanna tell u this... U are an idiot!! Enjoy ur new/ renew life now:) take care n all the best my friend.. N dun forget to take car of ur mum which really need u n ur bro n both of u are the closer kin she had.. Dun make her worry n angry.. Smoke lesser n eat more healthy food :)

At work, I'm leaving the office soon for study so they hire a new boy to understudy from me.. Talking about him only make my blood boill, he only dun listen to my words or my Shi Fu words He like to challenge n talk back to us when we point out his mistake.. Xiao didi listen la!! When I'm gone I think the checkers can start to cry tgt wif the manger cause even the manger also complain to me about him.. Wahaha!!

I miss the girls.. Asp pris.... Haven been meeting her for months!! Miss her so much la!!

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