Saturday, March 31, 2012


Gt to act in life.. Gt to act strong, act like a joker, act weak... Act!! I hate acting!!
At home, I alway nv talk much because I Knw wadever I talk I will jus gt scolded or my bro/ mum will talk back to me.. So wads the point of talking to them.. They won't cares about me, so when I nv talk they though I'm acting cool.. Bro always hits me( disturb) but I can't hit him back ever since young( mum will hit n scold me for hitting her son n say his jus playing with u) WTH!! I've already try to be Gd daughter to them asp her but there's no way I can even win her heart once...
Ian at time behave quite man but at time like a kid.. At time it make me super angry/ piss off asp when he say his Gd ........ Than others.. Which to me I think it's better not to think too highly of self..
I really hope time can pass super fast.. So I can leave this house, no need study, no need act, no need gt bully by ppl....I really hope... Ending all this asap..

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